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Corporative Insurance

Risk management solutions for companies of any sizes.

Labor Risk Insurance

With this insurance you can provide coverage to workers in relation to accidents and / or diseases related to them.

Business Auto Insurance

Provide protection to your vehicle in case of accident, theft, collision, giving you peace of mind on your business or pleasure trips.

Liability Insurance

Protect the sums insured in the event of having to pay for damages and / or losses to third parties due to bodily injury, caused accidentally.

Health Insurance

Protects against the risk of accidental or non-accidental death of the insured. From the group of collaborators of your company.

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As an insurance broker, we offer you multiple options at very competitive prices.

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    Danilo Villalobos Insurance Broker is based in Costa Rica backed by Seguros Metropolitanos, and has a very close business relationship with the 13 largest insurance companies in the country.

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